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Join the largest venue directory & marketplace!

Accelerate the event space within your restaurant, hotel, or unique venue with the support of EventUp. EventUp will connect your venue with millions of social, corporate, and wedding event planners to grow your events business.

EventUp Venue | The Clayton House, Scottsdale, Arizona

List Your Event Space

EventUp by Tripleseat is the leading global venue directory, with more than 15,000 restaurants, hotels, and unique venues supporting any venue or event type. EventUp is the #1 place for event planners to start their search. With 5 million searches from social, corporate, and wedding planners started on EventUp annually. Join today!

Why list your event venue with EventUp

EventUp Venue | Hotel Havana San Antonio, Texas
One listing to do it all.

Grow social and corporate event leads with one profile highlighting your photos, amenities, and neighborhood, and grow awareness through competitor tagging.

EventUp Venue | Santorini by Georgios, Miami, Florida
Qualified event leads.
Advanced filters and marketing initiatives drive qualified leads to your venue.
EventUp Venue | The Great Gatsby Mansion, Beverly Hills, California
Direct communication.
Planners and venues work directly with each other for planning and execution.
EventUp Venue | The Olana, Hickory Creek, Texas
No hidden fees ever.
Planners never pay to use EventUp, and venues never pay a commission for leads or booked events.

The numbers speak for themselves

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million+ search impressions per month
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Conversion rate - delivered leads
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Million+ booked revenue per month
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Planners visiting monthly

EventUp drives more qualified leads from planners looking to book corporate events, weddings, family gatherings, birthday parties, and meetings.

EventUp’s investment in your venue with custom blog posts, search engine optimization, and custom venue pages mean you can expect better-qualified business faster. Typical investments in marketing and online ads can cost you thousands of dollars. For just a few dollars a day with EventUp, you can expect to recoup your hard-earned money with one or two leads.

EventUp Package Plans & Pricing

Easily join the EventUp venue directory NOW with EventUp Self-Serve. Join and build your venue listing in only a few minutes so you can start collecting leads today.


Per unit per quarter
  • Spotlight blog post on your venue written by professional writers
  • Fast and easy listing setup
  • Inclusion in blog and social media posts


Per unit per quarter

Everything in Basic, plus:

  • Listing rotates among other sponsored ads and is immune to filters
  • Highlight your venue directly to event planners
  • Picture ad appears at the top of the city search results

Premium PLUS

Per unit per quarter

Everything in Premium, plus:

  • Picture listing appears at the top of the location search results
  • Rotating picture listing appears on homepage of EventUp
  • Static picture listing appears on the right side of search results
  • Appear in 2 other markets outside your area
  • Highlight special deals and promotions with custom taglines
  • Dedicated social media posts promoting your venue across EventUp accounts


  • For enterprise concepts contact sales for personalized packages and pricing.

Why event planners love EventUp

“I was never concerned about attracting customers when I was building the Stevo79 concept. I went into this event space because of EventUp. I have the secret sauce — the secret sauce is EventUp!”
Steve Budin, Owner, Stevo79, Miami, FL.
"EventUp's directory is an effective tool to help us maximize our calendar availability across 5 of our concepts with leads we wouldn't normally have gotten. It's a great, risk-free way for filling open times on our events calendars!"
Frederico Castellucci III — CHG - Castellucci Hospitality Group

"What I like best about EventUp: there is one fee for the year, and a direct connection to clients is a plus. Competitors take a commission of every sale and don't allow for a contract.” 

Jonny West — StudioPlace A&R Complex
“What I like best about EventUp  is that I am able to communicate directly with interested clients, I don't have hourly price, and I get sent reminders if someone is awaiting my response."
Simon House
“Don’t even hesitate; you should be on EventUp before your event space is ready.”
Suzie Harrington, General Manager, Stevo79, Miami, FL.
"I was able to lock on a place that was as if made for my event. The event was a huge success because of all the help from this team."
Rahul Gupta