Become an EVENTup

Venue Partner

Need a little more convincing? Check out our FAQ below.

  • What comes with an EVENTup listing?

    Event planners will directly contact you with messages and quote requests through your EVENTup listing. There is no cap on the amount of inquiries you'll receive. You'll be able to use our auto-response system so there is no need to manually respond to all inquiries. EVENTup will track the listings page-views, impressions, and leads so you can monitor performance throughout the year. Venues are assigned a personal EVENTup account manager who can help out when assistance is needed.

    What are the subscription options?

    EVENTup offers three annual packages with the primary difference being placement on the listing pages. The top tier listings, Platinum, always appear first when users are searching for venues. Listings on the middle Gold level show up next and after that comes the low Silver levels. The higher a listing ranks in the results of the search, the greater the chance that the listing will be visited by a user.

    What is the annual cost to partner?

    EVENTup Pricing is based off your location - to receive a customized pricing sheet please email info@eventup.com
  • How do I communicate with clients?

    Once a user is interested in your venue you will receive an email notification as well as a message to your EVENTup inbox. You then have the option of responding through EVENTup's messenger portal or you can contact the user directly via email/phone.

    What types of traffic does EVENTup attract?

    • We have industry leading SEO and maximize online exposure for your space.

    • We are the largest online marketplace for venues and act as a digital advertising platform turning leads into events.

    • Our platform is free for consumers to use and a large chunk of our traffic is corporate. The remainder is social: (Weddings, Cocktail Parties, Dinners).

    By using EVENTup you will have access to our user traffic. On a monthly basis we generate:

    • 1 Million Page Views

    • 50,000 Unique Visitors

    • 15,000 Quote Requests