Weekly Roundup

    July 31, 2012

    It's the weekend and you finally have time to relax and have fun! But what to do?? Fret not, we are here to help! Here are some things to keep you busy this coming weekend!


    Have an old pair of heels that need spicing up? Or a pair of shoes that you got from a thrift store? Maybe a pair of hand-me-downs from a friend or sister? Whichever way, you can jazz up your kicks with one trip to a craft store! Have a shoe party with all of your girlfriends! Get some permanent paint, a roll of painter's tape and a brush. Tape off a measured section of the front of your heels (or flats!) and paint them! It's a fun way to add a new touch to your wardrobe (and I guarantee you'll receive a compliment on them!)


    Feeling like a Food Network Challenge?



    My family and I are OBSESSED with baking and we are often inspired by the Food Network and their challenge episodes! But you don't have to be in a contest with another chef to make a delicious rainbow layer cake! Impress kids, friends and family with your baking talents by adding a food coloring to white cake batter! Cover with vanilla frosting to hide the surprise inside, your guests won't know what hit them when you make the first cut!





    Revamp Your Closet!



    Organizing clothes is a lot more fun when you have something new to add to the pile! And what woman doesn't love shopping? Get your friends together and make your own flattering skirt with a strip of jersey cotton! Cut the width of the fabric to your liking (it can be longer or shorter depending on what you're comfortable with!) and wrap around! Twist to add a fun, trendy detail! The thicker the jersey, the more drape you'll get, which is more flattering because the weight prevents fabric from clinging to imperfections! While your friends are blowing a few hundred dollars on skirts at department stores, you'll have a more flattering garment for a few dollars a yard! You and your friends will look fantastic and will have had a great time doing a project where the result won't end up unused!





    Spa Day!



    Have a day of relaxation with your friends, boyfriend or husband! You can book massages at a local spa or even try an at home face mask with a few guests. Add cocktails for extra fun! CVS sells an incredible face mask at a price you'll love! Apply and let dry! Gossip with your friends while you deep clean your pores! You'll feel refreshed, rejuvenated and all caught up on what's happened with your close friends recently!



    Dinner Is Served



    Having trouble finding an appetizer for a summer menu? The thought of having guests over can sometimes fluster us, but fear not! You can find excellent recipe recommendations are right here! Make an avocado and cheese flatbread pizza before you grill up steaks, vegetables or other summer foods! You can buy pre-made flatbreads at the grocery store to make things easier on yourself (which you always should!) Slice avocados in half and cut lengthwise into thin slices. Salt and pepper the slices and place directly on a sprayed griddle for a few minutes, or until grill marks are formed. Spread your favorite cheese (I ADORE goat cheese, but any meltable, spreadable cheese will do) on the flatbread and top with the grilled avocado slices. Place the flatbreads on a pan and heat up in the oven until the cheese is melted. Cut into rough squares (no need to be neat) and serve! Guests will love the fresh, new take on a summer delicacy!