Weekend Roundup!

    July 20, 2012

    It's almost the weekend! That means sleeping in, free time and the rare chance to take some time for yourself! Looking for something fun and exciting to do? Here are ten things to keep you entertained during the two most fun (and anticipated) days of the week!

    10. DIY Home Decorations!

    Feeling like you need to do something with your hands? There are countless DIY ideas online! Revive your decorating sceme at home with some fun centerpieces! Go to your local park or even to your backyard and pick some flowers! You'll surprise weekend dinner guests with beautiful flowers! Make it a group project and welcome friends to join you! Have coffee, tea or cocktails to take your get-together to the next level!



    9. Have a Spa Day Party!

    Chances are you haven't treated yourself to a relaxing break in a while. Take time off for yourself! Make a face mask with items in your kitchen! Marie Claire's Breakfast Mask has ingredients you most likely have in your kitchen!



    1 egg yolk
    1 tbsp honey
    1 tbsp olive oil
    ½ cup oatmeal

    Mix the ingredients together and leave on skin for 15-20 minutes for a calming, moisturizing treatment for skin. Rinse with warm water and follow with your usual face lotion.



    8. Spend Time Outdoors!



    It's really easy to let yourself resort to sweatpants and Law and Order: SVU marathons during the weekends. Come Monday morning, you'll regret spending all that time indoors! Take a sandwich and some iced tea to the park with friends or a significant other! The fresh air will do you good and a break from computers and television will make you feel like you did something more than check your email (which is impressive, but not always fun.)



    7. Cool Off!!



    It's most likely incredibly hot where you are (as it is, ya know, summer...) Treat yourself to an ice cream cone with your boyfriend or husband! Heck, take the kids! It's a fun and delicious way to bond AND cool off.





    6. Go Antiquing!



    Look online for local antique stores! You'd be surprised to find out what they sell! Your father's favorite baseball card in perfect condition or an old radio that reminds you of the time you spent at your grandparents' house as a kid can be sitting on a shelf priced for less than $30! These items can make unique and interesting decorations for your home or apartment. Add your own touch to your decorating scheme! Friends will be begging you for your secret.



    5. Art Gallery



    Interested in art? Go to your nearest gallery and see what is on display! The LACMA has some of the most interesting modern art displays in the United States! Look up galleries near you to see what is happening! Tickets are affordable and you'll have a great time, whether you go to analyze composition or simply browse pretty pictures and sculptures.



    4. Farmer's Market



    The South Pasadena Farmers' Market is one of the most adorable and fun events I have ever attended. There are fresh and organic fruits and vegetables for sale, roasted corn on the cobb (which I ask to be buttered and salted because, well, its more delicious that way) and a stand that sells the best blood oranges I have ever tasted. Add a grassy area, live music and a welcoming atmosphere and you've got a great place for a date or a family outing! The Market is busy enough to let people wander and quaint enough for you to let your kids run around. Ask around at your local grocery stores for the dates and locations of Farmers' Markets near you. You won't want to miss it!





    3. Tired? Have a Movie Marathon!



    Love Sex and the City? Dexter? Top Chef? Have a party on your couch with a few close friends, a significant other, or just you and a glass of wine! Sometimes you need a quiet night in! Sink into your chair in your most comfortable loungewear and enjoy the suspense or comic relief of your favorite TV series or movie box sets!





    2. Go to a Concert!



    Live music is a wonderful thing to experience! There is nothing like seeing people perform music in front of you! Check out Jambase.com for concerts in your area. Ask around at bars and clubs to see if local bands are playing! You might find your high school math teacher plays trombone in a Chicago tribute band at the pub one town over or you might see a group that will become huge stars in a few years. Either way, take the night off and enjoy live music in the company of friends or family!



    1. Try something new!



    It's Dine LA Restaurant Week! That means reduced price lunch and dinner options from LA's most popular and highly rated restaurants! Check out discoverlosangeles.com to find out what options are available near you! It's a great way to try new foods and restaurants and who knows, you might find a spot you will want to come back to!