[Wedding Wednesday]: Wedding Photo Shoot Tips and Tricks by Pink Cloud 9

    April 24, 2013

    The wedding experts at Pink Cloud 9 have put together some tips and tricks to looking perfect during all your wedding related photo shoots.

    Tips and Tricks for Photo Shoots

    1. Bring at least 2 different outfits in different colors and styles. Avoid all noisy patterns and distracting text or patterns.

    2. Pick fun wedding, engagement and rehearsal locations that will result in visually interesting photos.

    3. Make sure you get lots of sleep the night before!

    4. Get to know your photographer before the shoot. Ask if you can have some kind of meeting to discuss your vision for the shoot beforehand. Especially if you’re using the same photographer for your wedding day.

    5. Pay attention to the direction of the main/natural light. Natural light is what will make your face look beautiful. Your photographer will love you for it, and you'll love the gorgeous, confident images that they produce of you. For best results, have at least one of your locations outdoors.

    6. Let the photographer do their work. The tone might get playful and silly, don’t be a backseat photographer! Trust the professional and you’ll love the final result.

    7. Pay attention to your posture, exaggerate your back, neck and chin. It’ll make you seem taller, thinner, and confident.

    8. Remember - have fun!


    We hope these photographer tips help you look beautiful and feel confident for all your wedding related shoots. After all, Pink Cloud 9 wants your wedding day to be all about you, not the little details.

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