[Wedding Wednesday] Put A Ring On It! by Pink Cloud 9

    April 17, 2013

    A Ring Bearer's Important Duty
    Before the bride makes her epic walk down the aisle, the little man that steals the show is the ring bearer (Not to say that his counterpart the flower girl isn’t just as important). As much as everyone anticipates the bride’s entrance, you know you can’t help but awe at the little boy fumbling down the aisle looking as cute as a button in his little suit. He nervously tries to find that perfect pace to walk at without dropping his precious cargo. It is after all; a big responsibility for such a little person.

    But lets be honest, what actually happens to that wedding ring pillow when all is said and done? Give that little boy something he can really show off and get something that you might actually be able to use after the wedding. After a comprehensive search (thanks to Etsy and Pinterest) the experts at Pink Cloud 9 found some great ideas that you not only wouldn’t mind having on display in your home post wedding, but also allow you to show off your personality and creativity.

    DIY Wedding Ring Pillow Keepsake
    Since we're all about functionality, a keepsake ceramic plate with your initials or maybe a quote is easily my favorite ring pillow alternative. After you say I do, you can keep it on your dresser or nightstand and use it as a ring holder. Getting married on the beach? Consider using a starfish, sea shell, or sand dollar. Going rustic? Flowers and moss on a little bird nest would fit right in with your theme. Are you a big book worm? Try to locate a leather bound copy of your favorite book. I think you get the point here, the possibilities are endless! Just let your personality and creativity lead the way. All you need to do is make sure that there is some way to secure the rings so that your beloved ring bearer doesn’t lose them and you’re good to go!

    These fun ideas should give you some inspiration on how to make your wedding day a little more personal. After all, that's what Pink Cloud 9 is all about! Are you DIYing anything for your wedding day? Stop by for a chat at pinkcloud9.com and tell us all about it!

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