[Wedding Wednesday] Gifts for the Groom Pinboard

    April 10, 2013

    A couple receives a lot of gifts on their wedding day, but often the most special gift is the one they give each other. Of course, this means that every bride gets herself in a tizzy over what to get for the man of her dreams, but we've got a few ideas on our latest Pinterest board - maybe you’ll find the perfect fit!

    Awesome Accessories: For those men who look like they've just stepped out of a J.Crew Catalogue, a classy accessory is the ideal groom’s gift. Cuff links or pocket watches are always in fashion, and you can even get them engraved with a special message for your special day! Also, toiletry items like shaving kits or cologne are a simple gift he’s sure to love.

    For the Party Boy: You love him for his wild spirit and his sense of humor, so indulge him on your special day with a humorous or crazy gift! Socks (for his cold feet), engraved flasks or bottles of whiskey, or even something really unique (like the custom made bobble heads of the groom and his buddies we pinned) will put a smile on his face without question. And isn't a smile what you want to see on the happiest day of your lives?

    Sweets for Your Sweetheart: They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so why not test that hypothesis? Cupcakes or other baked goods are always delightful to receive, and may be a hit for the guys as they get ready for the big day. Or surprise your groom with his very own cake - a fun wedding tradition that gives the groom’s personality a chance to shine.

    What did you get your Groom as you two became man and wife? Let us know in the comments below!