Wedding Trends 2013

    April 19, 2013

    Everybody knows that planning a wedding is extremely stressful. Everything between choosing the wedding venue to inviting guests, there is a lot to consider. Wedding trends are always coming and going and sometimes it is hard to keep up. Luckily for you, we have identified the key wedding trends so far this year.


    Neutral Colors:

    Right now, formal and sleek is very in and neutral colors will help you achieve this look. Colors such as grey and taupe with pops of black will give your wedding the elegance that you are looking for, especially if your event location is indoors. For the summer, soft pastels are also an option, but make sure they are subtle. If your colors are too bright or clash with each other, you will lose the elegant facade of your wedding.



    Every bride has her favorite type of flower, but right now, peonies are a crowd favorite. Their softness and romantic color palette is perfect for a wedding of any size and style. So, if you are not sure what flower to use, choose some peonies that complement the color scheme of your wedding.


    DIY and Going Green:

    You can't deny that do it yourself activities, even for weddings, are all the craze right now. Decorations such as mason jar candles and cork table placeholders are popular for summer, outdoor wedding venues. Wedding favors are also an easy DIY activity that saves  money. Additionally, more and more people are concerned about going green, and therefore using recycled materials to make decorations is becoming a very popular wedding trend.



    Taking Advantage of Social Media:

    Since most people are starting to use their phones as every day cameras and the extreme popularity of Instagram, wedding planners are taking advantage of the ability to share these photos so instantly. A very easy-to-do trend for 2013 is to put a sign in front of your wedding venue that requests your guests to use a specific hashtag for every photo taken at the wedding. This allows the wedding party and anyone else interested to peruse the photos that were taken at the wedding and having instant access to all those captured precious moments. You can also ask your guests to tweet you and your spouse-to-be well wishes!


    Have you been to a wedding or planned a wedding this year? What are some of the trends that you have noticed? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.