Venue Spotlight: Nicki from Greystone Manor

    June 11, 2014

    When sbe Nightlife Group, the largest nightlife operator on the west coast, creates a venue, you know you're in for a treat. Take the LA venue Greystone Manor, a supperclub located in the heart of West Hollywood. Combining gourmet food, mixology, and cutting edge entertainment with state-of-the-art technology, it's no wonder Greystone Manor has become a destination for some of LA's top media events. We were lucky enough to talk to Nicki Berthelsen, Director of Events for sbe. Nicki gave us her insight on working larger scale events, from the glitz of high profile media events to calmer, family celebrations like Bar & Bar Mitzvahs.

    Tell me a little about your venue, Greystone Manor. What’s unique about it?
    It’s definitely one of our most premiere nightlife spaces. What’s great about it is that we have the best sound system, the best lighting, if you have an event where you want to do something cool and nightlifey, we have everything. But we also have a light, loungey style.

    How long have you owned or managed this venue?
    The venue opened up in November 2010. I’ve been with sbe almost five years now since January 2009.

    How have things changed in events in five years?
    When I started, the budgets got a little tighter, but in the last five years, in general, the budgets for industry events, corporate events…people are seeing the value in having a real cool experiential event at a great venue.

    What are your favorite types of events at Greystone Manor?
    It’s great because it’s such a versatile venue. A couple stick out for sure. The first event we opened with was TV Guide’s Hot List event…we had a whole red carpet, ton of productions inside. It was a nice way to showcase the venue. We also did Jennifer Lopez’s American Music Awards after party. She has very specific colors and tones that are consistent with her brand and it really showcased our lighting system and everything we can do in-house. I did a really great pre-wedding event, a private event. I love all the glitz and media but I think it’s also really cool to do those intimate private events. You are really apart of a special moment in a person’s life that they’re going to remember forever.

    How has listing your venue with Eventup impacted your business?
    Obviously you guys are a great forum to showcase the venues. We’re lucky that we’re pretty well known in LA, we’ve got great relationships, but Eventup brings in new business who aren’t as familiar.


    Has Eventup helped to diversify the types of people/companies interested in your venue?
    I think you guys have definitely helped diversify the types of events. There are those smaller corporate events and social events that Eventup has been great with, just getting people more aware.

    What seems to be the most common type of client interested in your space?
    We do a good amount of social and corporate [events], but the venue works so well for anything. We also do pre-weddings, Bar Mitzvahs. I definitely think people are shying away from ballroom spaces and turning to nightlife spaces.

    Secret venue tip that no one knows about your venue.
    We have built in confetti canons, it shoots out confetti, so if you have a special moment, we can highlight that with a blast of confetti.

    As an event planner, what’s the line between execution and having fun? Your events certainly sound entertaining.
    I think being behind the scenes isn’t for everyone. Being an events girl, there’s this impression that it’s glamorous…but it’s a lot of work. But I love everything about it, from being at load-in at 7am to being with the clients before and after…I can definitely say I have fun every single day.

    What is your biggest challenge as a venue manager?
    Working with a nightlife space that also doubles as an event venue…there’s definitely workaround. But there’s always a way to make everyone happy. We can usually find a home within the sbe collection that’s a perfect fit.

    Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Nicki! We hope your insight inspires others to list on Eventup. Check out previous interviews with venue managers, including Amy & Ivan from metro37 and Brandon from Mack Sennett Studios.