Top 10 Party Planners to Follow

    August 31, 2012

    Weddings, Baby showers, New Years parties and more, these planners are on speed dial for clients like P. Diddy and Oprah. Read on to see what these incredible planners can do. Follow the links to see what inspires them!

    1. David Tutera

    Tutera boasts a client list that ranges from Elton John to Al Gore. Impressed? Just wait until you see his website...

    2. Preston Bailey

    Based in New York, Bailey's operation is known for it's unique point of view. Oh yes, almost forgot to mention that he organized Oprah's on-air 50th birthday party. Check out his blog for beautiful photos and party ideas.



    3. Colin Cowie



    Another planner who boasts Oprah as a client. Cowie.





    4. Maneesh Goyal



    Goyal came up with P. Diddy's party theme for New Years 2001 and with a signature style like that, who can question Diddy's loyalty to this party planning guru?



    5. David Beahm



    Known for his unique flower designs, Beahm's blog is fun to read and features some surprising (and refreshing) breaks from wedding planning. In a recent post, Beahm writes about the best BBQ places in the Southern U.S. Yes, this man can put together a virtually budgetless event for the most exclusive celebrity client, but can we just take a moment to appreciate how (pardon our coloquial phrasing) cool he is?





    6.  Sarah Haywood



    Author of The Wedding Bible, Haywood is a London-based planner who is known for helping clients on a budget achieve extravagant results.



    7. Mindy Weiss



    Perhaps it is the inventive color combinations. Maybe it is the charming details  or the stunning flower arrangements. Whatever it is, Weiss has a hold on clients like Gwen Stefani - no surprise, as we can't stop reading her blog.





    8. Jo Gartin



    Based in LA, Gartin has planned intimate celebrity events, including the baby shower of Coco Cox-Arquette. Known for personal touches, Gartin participates in every step of planning a party.



    9. Randi Lesnick



    Voted one of the top ten planners by Ask Men, Lesnick is a Nashville-based planner who caters to Country Music Royalty (can you say Tim McGraw?) A repeat planner of CMA events, Lesnick has made quite an impression on her client base.



    10. Sasha Souza



    Souza has put together some of the most intriguing events on the wedding circuit. From pops of purple on a stone courtyard to light projections that transform venues, Souza knows how to make a lasting mark on the wedding world. Check out her inspiration boards and you'll be amazed!!





     If you follow any of these fantastic Party Planners on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or their blogs, we want to know what else you've found! We know how many extravagant and magnificent parties they've planned, so let's here about the decorations, ideas, and styles they've worked on! Keep us posted here, on Facebook, or Twitter.