Things to keep in mind when building your event’s budget

    March 10, 2015

    When planning an event, the most important aspect to establish is the all-inclusive budget. There are many moving parts that go into an event’s budget and it is easy to sway from the initial number. Here is a rough budget breakdown, leave extra wiggle room for miscellaneous costs.

    Decide on a budgeting tool. There are online event planning tools or you can just stick with the old fashioned excel spreadsheet.  www.planningpod.com is a great online budget builder!

    Make sure you separate all of your budget line items into their own category. This will help you to break down your costs for more comprehensive tracking throughout your planning because items like these are essential to your event but their costs sneak up on you. Make sure to always ask vendors for quotes and get estimates from multiple venues. Here are some possible categories for line items: