The Ultimate Venue For Your Bachelor Viewing Party.

    March 7, 2013

    If you're like us, you've been eagerly anticipating the finale of The Bachelor ever since Tierra fell down the stairs, poor Sarah got heartbroken, or Des got sent home.

    Let's face it, you've been looking forward to the finale since the opening minutes of the premier! The viewing parties you throw set a new standard every week, with your pinterest-inspired hor d'oeuvres and a unending supply of fresh bottles of wine. None of your girlfriends would dream of going anywhere else on Monday nights to scream at the TV, debate the finer points of Sean's physique, or profess their allegiance for #TeamTierra or #TeamLindsay or #TeamCatherine. Short of having Sean himself show up to your viewing party, you can't imagine how you could actually outdo yourself. But we can...

    What if you could throw your Bachelor viewing party...at the Bachelor House? Imagine showing up with your girlfriends in a limo, entering the mansion via the same steps all the Bachelors and Bachelorettes have walked, and having a cocktail party inside or a glass of wine outside by the pool.

    The starting price range for renting the Los Angeles venue is $5,000, and Villa de la Vina (its actual name) doesn't come furnished, so make sure to bring your own wine, couches and flatscreen. Roses, Sean and tiarras not included.

    Don't fancy this one, check out other Los Angeles event venues to throw your ultimate viewing party at.

    As an added bonus we've put together a few favorite highlights from this season compliments of @1OneMinuteNews: