[Tech Tuesday] Which Event Marketing Dashboard Is Right for You?

    March 19, 2013

    Are you always on the lookout for the next big thing in technology to help you be a better event planner? Event marketing dashboards have become all the rage right now in the event planning industry mainly because they are easy to use and efficient. Event marketing dashboards provide an overview of event activity and also help you manage and promote the event. However there are so many different platforms out there that it can be overwhelming to choose which one is best for you. Here we’ve broken down some of the top event marketing dashboards and their unique features to help you out.

    Crowd.fm is an easy to use online promotion tool that is great for event venue owners, bands and artists, promoters, as well as agencies. The program helps you publish your event across multiple online social media channels allowing you to maximize your visibilitywhile minimizing time spent on promotions. It also has a feature where you can schedule the release of your listings. Finally, Crowd.fm provides reporting and analytics so you can measure success. You can try this platform free for 30-days.



    Acteva is geared towards business and corporate event planning. If you plan events such as meetings, fundraisers, conferences, and tradeshows, this event management software has everything you need. They actually offer four unique products to match the needs of every type of event. Acteva Express is their starter pack while Acteva Plus has more advanced features for events of all sizes. Acteva Pro is the next step up and offers customizable solutions for multi-day, multi-track events and conferences. Finally, ActevaRSVP 3 for Salesforce is the most advanced option they offer from the familiar Salesforce interface.

    Planspot is an all-in-one marketing tool to help you manage and promote your events. They will provide you with a web page to promote your event including sales and RSVP buttons, social share buttons, and Google Maps. What sets Planspot apart from the rest is their ability to match each event to relevant magazines, newspapers and other mediato ensure you reach your target audience. They also offer email marketing campaigns, analytics, and social media. As an added bonus, Planspot has an expert support staff in case you run into any issues or questions.



    Event Chocolate is a unique event marketing dashboard that truly allows you to get deep insights on people signing up for your event. Full profiles of each event guest are provided for you with access to their social network profiles and more. You can also build better relationships by sending each guest an automatically triggered personalized message as soon as they sign up. You can also segment your guests into different groups such as customers, investors, etc.

    Event.ly is one of the more well-known platforms out there today. They provide email, social and mobile capabilities to help you increase attendance at your events. They ensure your event web page is optimized for search and help you grow your email list with their sign up forms. Additionally, Event.ly helps you understand your audience’s behavior so that you can draw accurate conclusions from your marketing efforts. Our final event marketing dashboard on review is Getpromotd, a quick and simple platform used to help get more guests through the door of your fabulous event space. It is suggested that you sign up at least a month before your event so that you get better results from the service. Once you submit all your info, Getpromotd then sends out your information to their network of national and local websites, press, blogs, and other publications. Finally, they offer analytics so you can know how well your event did. What other event marketing dashboards have you used in the past? Share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter