[Tech Tuesday] Use Prezi to Share and Present Your Ideas

    April 9, 2013

    Alright, you've taken care of the easy part. You've scheduled your conference or meeting, booked your venue with Eventup and sent out calendar reminders to your team. Now, you just need to put the finishing touches on your presentation. However, your PowerPoint slides just aren't cutting it; this time, you want to spice up your pitch deck.

    Enter Prezi, a dynamic and cinematic way to present your ideas to your audience. Instead of the standard slides presentation found in Keynote or PowerPoint, with Prezi you're placing all slides on the same board and then zooming into the board to focus on different ideas. By navigating the 3D space, you can let your audience see the big picture, as well as go back and zoom into different areas manually. You can even co-edit presentations in real time with your team, or engage collaboratively with people across the room or across the world.

    Depending on which version you're using, there are options to save your Prezi in the cloud, work offline on your desktop, and/or  seamlessly  transition to a mobile device. Prezi comes in apps for iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch, and you can view or control your presentation from the palm of your hand.
    What do you use for your business presentations? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook or Twitter!