[Tech Tuesday] Solve Your Coat Check Problem - Digitally!

    May 14, 2013

    Gone are the days of long coat check lines! Now there are digital coat check systems, so you no longer have to hand your guests an ancient paper ticket to track their coat or deal with large crowds accumulating around the coat check area at the end of the night.

    CoatChex is the most popular system being used by event planners and nightclub owners today. It is a ticketless system with a range of products to suit events of any size.


    How It Works

    A guest walks up to the coat-check, enters their phone number, and has their picture taken with the front camera on an iPad. At the same time, the back camera on the iPad takes a picture of the coat. Each hanger has a QR code and number assigned to it. When it’s time to pick up the coat, the guest simply provides the last four digits of their phone number and presto! A picture of their face and coat comes up with the hanger number.


    For venue owners (bars, restaurants, nightclubs, etc.) who already have a designated coat-check area in place, you can keep your coat checking operations in-house by installing CoatChex in your event venue. The digital system comes with some spectacular benefits such as relevant data collection, where you can get access to patron statistics including new versus returning customers, length of stay, and traffic patterns. Another benefit is mobile marketing. Opt-in messaging allows you to connect with your customers on a new level: reward your most loyal customers or incentivize new customers to check out your spot through text and email notifications. Finally, the system serves as an additional revenue stream to the venue.


    For event planners, you can hire CoatChex for a hassle-free experience at your event! CoatChex will take care of all the planning, setup and staffing for your event’s coat-check station. All you need to provide is the event space. The kiosk and racks can be altered to fit your specific venue configuration. Banner walls are also provided as a reliable end-cap to racks that aren’t positioned against a physical wall, separating and protecting checked coats from the general public.

    Another product out there on the market today is CoatScan, developed by UK company IDscan Biometrics. With this system, you can check a coat with a scan of a fingerprint and a digital image of the customer. You can find the product on Amazon for a retail price of $3,999.

    Do you have a coat-check horror story to share? Have you used CoatChex or CoatScan before? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below, on Facebook or Twitter.