[Tech Tuesday] Provide a Secure Charging Solution for Your Guests Devices

    April 16, 2013

    While we may deny it, most of us are pretty attached to our mobile devices. They help us save time while staying connected throughout our busy days. And there’s nothing worse than having your phone or tablet die before the end of the day. As an event planner, you want as many people using their mobile devices as possible during your events; capturing photos and videos and sharing them across the Internet is what allows your event to reach maximum visibility. An emerging trend seen at many large-scale events recently is secure charging centers or kiosks where guests can charge their devices. Take a look at a variety of solutions you can use in your next event venue to ensure all your guests’ devices remain fully charged.


    XtremeMac InCharge™ X5 Docking Station is a five bay dock that charges any combination of iPod, iPhone, or iPad devices simultaneously. The design is slim and black and blends nicely into any party décor. This product has adjustable rear supports as well, making it possible to charge devices with protective covers and cases. Price: $149.99

    If you’re looking to charge more than five devices from one charging unit, the Parasync allows you to charge up to 20 iPod and iPhone devices at once. This product is great for large corporate events as well as educational events due to the ability to manage large quantities of devices. Also, Parasync offers synchronization across the devices – great for users who wish to share music, educational resources, and more. Price: Not Listed (Must contact a reseller)


    The Bretford Powersync Tray for iPads is a sleek and stylish solution for Apple devices that neatly stores and charges up to 10 iOS devices. It also has an option for simultaneous syncing and if needed, you can even connect multiple trays together to charge and synch up to 30 devices at once. A charging LED will change from amber to green once all devices are charged up. There are two USB ports on the back of each doc, one for connecting to a Mac and one for connecting additional trays. The product also comes with security lids with user-programmable security locks. Price: $999.95

    For smaller events, you may want to consider the Bluelounge Refresh which is compatible with over 1,800 devices including the iPhone and iPod (it’s a little too small for the iPad). It’s a little tray where guests can simply place their device for charging. For medium-sized events, you can purchase a few of them and set them up in a corner of your event space. Price: $89.95

    What other mobile charging solutions have you seen out there lately? Feel free to share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter. Follow our Trends in Events series every Tuesday here on the Eventup blog.