[Tech Tuesday] How to Make Custom Mobile Event Apps for your Next Big Event

    May 28, 2013

    If you’re a tech-savvy event planner, you understand the advantages of creating a custom mobile event app to promote large events. Not only does it create a better experience for your attendees, it also makes the whole event process more efficient and streamlined. With several custom mobile app companies out there now, developing an app for your next big event is easy! Take a look at our top 3 picks for custom mobile app companies.

    EventMobi offers innovative solutions for events of all sizes. It is simple to set up and customize with your logo, color scheme, and custom domain name. Additionally, you can make the most of your app and generate revenue by offering sponsors in-app advertising space, enhanced profiles, and more. The app can be integrated with your event data such as Salesforce or other software to ensure a seamless flow of information. If you’re hosting a private event with confidential data, you can rest easy, EventMobi utilizes a variety of different login options, passcodes and even SSL security to keep your classified information safe. The app can be translated into multiple languages as well. Finally, EventMobi offers pre-made promotional material so you can promote your app and event with ease.

    CrowdTorch allows you to hand-deliver a memorable experience to your attendees with a powerful event app. From NASCAR events to food and wine festivals and everything in between, CrowdTorch makes apps for any kind of event. If you’re hosting a large event at an expansive event venue, the CrowdTorch app can help attendees navigate through it all with integrated maps and more. If breaking news comes up during your event, you can push the latest information to attendees’ phones. You can also publish schedules, share video, and promote your sponsors by using CrowdTorch. It works online and offline so you can update it anywhere at any time. Additionally, analytics are available so you can see all the nitty gritty details and reports about your event attendance, revenue, and more.

    TapCanvas is another excellent custom mobile app company that makes developing an app for your event super easy. This web based editor allows you to build beautiful cross-platform mobile apps to enrich your event experience. You can promote your app via email or social networks to your attendees. Also, you can essentially build your custom app in minutes as well as provide rich content about your event to help drive ticket sales and attendance. Post photos of your event space to get people pumped up for the big day. TapCanvas is a great all-in-one tool for event planners looking to create a custom mobile event app.

    Have you created a custom app before? What company did you use to create the app? Feel free to share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter!