[Tech Tuesday] guppyPOD™ Photo Booths Reviewed

    April 2, 2013

    The most important part of any event is keeping your guests entertained. And in today’s modern world, photo-sharing is one of the top forms of entertainment. One of the top event technology tools for 2013 is guppyPOD™, a Social Media Photo Booth Kiosk and Instagram Print Station. We’ve broken down the basics of this tool for you so you can determine whether or not guppyPOD™ is right for your next event.

    guppyPOD™ is a small, compact kiosk that is able to print hundreds of photos an hour taken by your party guests. Guests can either take a photo at the stationary location or they can take photos from their smartphones all around the event using popular apps such as Instagram.

    One great feature of guppyPOD™ is the ability to push all photos to a gallery on Facebook either in real-time or after the event is over. Consumer-generated photo activation is a big deal for event marketers, and guppyPOD™ is one of the first of its kind with the capability to have party-goers instantly publish their event photos to Facebook. Simply place the photo booth in a central location within your event venue and watch as your guests help you with your event marketing campaign!


    Events such as festivals, sporting events, and concerts would benefit from guppyPOD™ as well as corporate social events such as conferences, meetings, and holiday parties. The photo booth technology is also perfect for weddings, birthdays, bars, and restaurants too. It is easily set up by one person and measures just 20" H x 13" W x 19" D so it can be smoothly integrated with the décor of any event space.  Basically, if you want a simple solution to engage your event attendees, this product gets the job done.

    One idea to jazz up the kiosk at your next event is to provide a box of silly costumes, hats, boas, sunglasses and more. That way your guests can dress up and snap some fun photos to share with the world. If you want to step it up one step further you could even organize some sort of photo contest to get people excited about guppyPOD™ at your next event.


    The guppyPOD™ photobooth kiosk is available worldwide for purchase, lease, or one-time rental with a wide range of affordable financial plans designed to accommodate every scenario and budget. View more about guppyPOD™ and see it in action on their website.

    What did you use for photo-sharing at your last event? Share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter.