This Summer's Go-To Venue

    May 28, 2015

    Company events are straying away from the typical bar or restaurant venues. Corporations are starting to think out of the box to impress their employees for annual events. This also comes into play when setting up events for client entertaining. The venue is a very integral piece to an event. These days, venues are considered as carefully as the agenda, the technology needs and the menus. The right venue brings a different element to a meeting or conference. It is not a good idea to go with a unique venue in every instance, because the participants and the purpose must always be considered.


    One of the most popular venue alternative for corporate events this summer are yacht boats. They are great for any party size and are located around the US.


    The interiors are just as breathtaking as the view from the ship's deck.

    These are just a few yachts on EVENTup; The Atlantica in NYC and The Hornblower in NYC, San Francisco, and San Diego.