Summer 2012's Hottest Color Schemes

    May 31, 2012

    This summer two very contrasting color schemes are stealing the scene in the event industry. Bright and bold colors and fresh and clean colors have been portrayed as this seasons hottest color schemes! Get some style inspiration from our ideas below and try incorporating these color schemes into your next event!


    Bright and Bold: Magenta and Orange


    Decorations: Magenta and orange can easily become overwhelming so it is important to pair the colors with a lot of white or other neutral tons. Magenta and orange should be used for the main elements of the party such as invitations, cake, flowers, tableware, etc. Gold makes an excellent accent color for magenta and orange and keeps the atmosphere of the event warm and sophisticated. This invitation from InvitationBox has the perfect balance of magenta, orange, and white.




    Flower Arrangements: What's great about a magenta and orange color scheme is that you can pick from just about any type of flowers you want. You can also mix and match different shades of magenta and orange so you can achieve a unique array of color. A great idea for bold flower arrangements is to balance the brightness out with a tinted mason jar. This is a simple DIY project and makes for a perfect table centerpiece.




    Although magenta and orange seem to be the most popular color duo of the bright and bold genre, that does not mean they are the only ones. If you want to use different bright and bold colors try doing a red and yellow color scheme or even combining all of the colors and using different shades of pink, orange, red, and yellow.



    Fresh and Clean: White and Lime




    Decorations: The idea behind fresh and clean color schemes is to keep things simple and elegant. The majority of the decorations should be white, but accented with bright shades of green and yellow. The best decorating tips are to play up nature and keep things as simple as possible. Try hanging strands of crystals or stringed lights from branches. Another great tip is to have white flowers everywhere; they are simple, elegant, and can spruce up any event.




    Flower Arrangements: When using a fresh and clean color scheme there is a lot of freedom when it comes to the flower arrangements. You can feel free to use green flowers accented with white flowers or vice versa. The flowers can be in a bouquet on the table or displayed as a table runner; they can be as subtle or overstated as you like.





    Although lime and white are the most popular color duo of the fresh and clean color scheme genre there are many other shades that look just as sophisticated. Light blue can be used to accent any color duo as well as lavender and light pink.



    Do you have any other ideas on how to incorporate these color schemes into your next event? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or leave us a comment here!