Planning Thanksgiving Last Minute?

    November 21, 2012

    It is almost time for the much anticipated turkey dinner that we only get to experience once a year! Don’t have a lot of time to plan your Thanksgiving feast? Maybe you’ve been working too much and forgot to plan ahead, or you just found out that you have to host the feast at your house. Whatever it is, we want you to know that planning Thanksgiving in a short amount of time is possible! Eventup has come up with a few things to remember if you have to plan your Thanksgiving in a short amount of time.


    Make a list of everything that you need to do. Lists are a great way to stay organized, especially if you are planning your event last minute. Before you start preparing your feast, make a Thanksgiving feast checklist. As you plan, you can cross off everything that you've done to stay organized.

    So, what do you need to do? You obviously need to make sure that you prepare the popular Thanksgiving feast items: turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing and cranberries are all completely necessary for the main course. Make sure in the short amount of time that you have that you know how to make each of these items so that you aren't stuck with a burnt turkey or cold stuffing! Grab a few bottles of wine, and make sure that you serve pumpkin and apple pie for dessert! If this is all too much to prepare, it never hurts to ask your family or friends to help you out. Ask people to bring over drinks or dessert, and then you will just have to worry about the rest of your list.

    Make sure you know how many guests you're going to have over, and that they all know that Thanksgiving is at your house this year. Send out a quick e-mail or text message, or give all of your guests a phone call just incase they don't know about your Thanksgiving party. This will help you set up your seating, and you'll know how much food to prepare for your guests. Also, make sure that you clean your house or the event venue! You want to make sure that your place is suitable to have guests over, and it will also be easier to prepare your feast in a clean space.


    If you still have your Fall/Halloween decorations up in your house, keep them there! There are also some great DIY Thanksgiving decoration ideas that will really spice up your house. Pumpkins and Fall colored leaves are always a great way to decorate the house for Thanksgiving. Make a Thanksgiving banner with a special message to your guests, similar to the "Be Thankful" banner below! It's super easy to make.. all you'll need is paper, a hole punch, scissors and a string to hang your leaves on!

    Don't stress! Thanksgiving is supposed to be filled with warmth, family, and love, so we suggest that you embrace all of these different things and enjoy your feast with your family and friends. Even if you're planning it last minute, you can make it easy on yourself by following our few tips and tricks. We want to hear from you! Have you ever been stuck planning an event last minute, and had to pull it all together yourself? Get back to us in a comment below, or you can let us know on Facebook or Twitter!