[Pin Board]: Wedding Wednesday: West Coast Beach Wedding

    January 30, 2013

    The recent warm Southern California weather inspired us to bring you a West Coast beach wedding for this week's Wedding Wednesday! Unlike our East Coast beach wedding, where we stuck to neutral and relaxed color tones, we wanted to give you bright and bold, just like the West Coast!

    For the West Coast beach wedding we focussed on bright pinks, oranges, and coral colors! We wanted to give you an upbeat feel so we warmed it up with this color palette. We loved the idea of white florals so we went with classics like white lilies, cala lilies, and orchids. But as we kept searching for gorgeous floral decorations and bouquets, we couldn't resist some of the beautiful pink and orange florals we came across!

    We picked out several wedding venues for you to choose from, focussing on beachfront locations and beach views. We kept in mind that while your wedding ceremony may be held on the beach, the reception venue could be elsewhere (hence the beach view venues)! In addition, we also wanted to give you a few options where both ceremony and reception could be held!

    We loved picking out decorations, florals, and locations for a West Coast beach wedding, but want to hear from you too! Did we miss anything? What have you seen done at a West Coast beach wedding before or what did you do at your own? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or by leaving a comment below! Happy beach wedding planning!