[Pin Board]: Wedding Wednesday: Black and White Wedding

    January 23, 2013

    This week for Wedding Wednesday we wanted to help you begin planning a classic Black and White Wedding. We love the idea of black and white decor for a wedding because of the elegance and simplicity that comes with it. We found several wedding decorations featuring bold black and white stripes, but also came across the popular damask print. We figured we'd let you choose the route you'd like to go with when planning your black and white wedding.

    The most important part when planning a black and white wedding is to remain consistant. The fact that your color palette is so bold and you're using contrast colors means you need to stick to a specific theme and/or design. Either stick with stripes or go with damask. When it comes to choosing a wedding venue, think about your bold colors and whether or not venue will compliment your theme. We selected a few event venues that black and white decor would look great in. For example, a spacious open space with light walls is great for black and white decorations.

    While we stuck to only black and white items, we wanted to point out the best part! A black and white wedding gives you the chance to get a little creative! By adding a splash of color you can make a simple black and white wedding your own and truly unique for you! If you've ever thrown a black and white themed wedding or attended one, we want to hear from you! What decorations and black and white styles stood out? What worked and what was too much? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or by leaving  a comment below!