[Pin Board]: Wedding Wednesday: An Under the Sea Celebration

    May 22, 2013

    The ocean is a place of fascination and wonder for many of us. It’s beautiful, magical, and fun. Any of those sound like words you want to describe your wedding? Hosting an “under the sea” wedding is easier than you might think, and when it’s done right, this theme can really make a splash! Of course, like so many theme weddings and events, attention to detail is essential. Try these ideas on for size:

    Hues of Blue: Vast, unending blue is probably the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they think of the ocean. So make sure to incorporate this color into your ceremony. You’ll certainly have your “something blue” taken care of! Whether with your fashion choices, table settings, or even invitation design, make sure the color blue is prominent in your wedding.

    Oceanic Accessories: Fashion is a great way to have fun with your theme and express yourself creatively. Instead of flower boutonnieres for the boys, how about a starfish pin on their lapels? What about walking down the aisle holding a fabulous seashell bouquet? Opt for flowing gowns or mermaid-style, to mimic some of the ocean’s most fabled beauties. This sort of stylistic play on your theme is certain to make your wedding a memorable one for your guests.

    Take It To The Water: What better way to include the ocean in your wedding than by getting married right on the beach? Oceanfront venues are great for seasonal weddings and really capture that romantic, seaside ceremony. But even if you live in a landlocked state, you can still enjoy the beauty of the ocean and its many creatures. Host your reception at an aquarium or restaurant with a large fish tank, and enjoy your wedding with your undersea friends!

    Photo Credits: webbfocus photography, styleunveiled.com, truephotographyweddings.com