[Pin Board]: Wedding Wednesday: A Rustic Wedding

    May 29, 2013

    Did you find that infamous manly-man? The kind that loves the outdoors and can build your future babies a cradle with his bare hands? Well that settles it then: you need to have a rustic wedding. But don’t worry, rustic can be surprisingly elegant, if you know what you’re doing.

    To truly get the rustic feel, an outdoor ceremony is best, with dinner and the reception inside a tent or covered patio. This gives your guests a chance to take in the beauty of the nature around them, which really adds to the overall appeal and charm of the theme.

    A rustic wedding lends itself pretty easily to autumn colors, like deep reds and oranges. You can use these all over the place, in your décor, the flowers, or even your wedding party fashion. Picking a deep jewel tone and a few accent colors can make for a very beautiful palate.


    Those DIY Touches
    Part of the fun of a rustic wedding is the opportunity to let your creative side show with DIY decorations. Repurpose mason jars or mix and match furniture and flatware to really give your wedding a homey feel. Your wedding is a formal occasion, but that doesn’t mean your guests shouldn’t feel right at home!

    For other ideas on making your rustic wedding cozy, charming, and memorable, check out our Pinterest board below!