[Pin Board] Wedding Theme: A Rose Wedding

    August 7, 2013

    We've got another Wedding Wednesday post to help you discover new a wedding theme! This week, we are all about a rose wedding. A rose is the quintessential flower to have in your bouquet, but why limit yourself to the bouquet when your entire wedding venue can be covered in roses? You don't even need to wait for the flowers to be in season to have your perfect rose wedding...celebrate all year round with these gorgeous ideas for a rose wedding theme!


    The Bouquet: You can never go wrong with a classic pink and white bouquet. Add in a dash of color with a sprig of green to really make it pop, and bring it all together with a beautiful silk or lace ribbon, which makes for a memorable keepsake in your wedding album.



    The Dress: How about a rose wedding dress? And no, we don’t mean the color. This beautiful dress by Sareh Nouri of Washingtonian Bride & Groom is for the bride who likes to wear her roses.


    The Décor: From the most elaborate arrangements to the very simple ones, roses make for the perfect centerpieces on any table and come in virtually any color! Whether it's red, yellow, orange, pink, or purple, pick the particular hue for your rose centerpiece that suits your theme. If you want to keep it simple, have just one or two roses in your chosen color for a subtle yet elegant accent. This is also a good way to cut costs on your floral budget!

    The Cake: The classic wedding cake, with its butter cream frosting and intricate design, is the focal point of the wedding day (after the bride and groom, of course).  You can have butter cream roses for a delectable touch or go with fresh cut roses creating a bright and festive decoration.

    The Jewels: Add elements of the age-old rose design in your jewelry for some fun flair! You will match your overall rose wedding theme or add a touch of classic beauty to your look.


    For more ideas visit our Pin Board! Are you inspired by the rose wedding theme? Have other inspiring wedding theme ideas? Leave a comment below or on Facebook or Twitter.