[Pin Board]: Prom Trends for 2013

    May 20, 2013

    That magical night is almost here. The night that most high school students have waited for their whole lives, a night their parents still look back on fondly. That’s right...it’s prom night.

    So what will make you the most chic, head turning sight on the dance floor this year? Here are some of the latest trends to sweep the 2013 prom scene.

    Sequined gowns are reigning supreme when it comes to fashion this year. After all, if there was ever a time and place to shine bright and stand out, prom is it. Indulge in sparkly, dramatic gowns, and don’t be afraid to try out asymmetrical hems or sweetheart necklines!

    While the gowns speak to the youthful spirit, the prom trend for hair is swept up and sophisticated. Try a fancy braided bun with curled bits throughout for a sweet delicate look that won’t disappoint. Plus, with all the dancing you’ll be doing, you’ll be happy to get the hair out of your eyes!


    Nail Art
    Nail art has been on the rise for a while (thank you Pinterest!), but there’s no better time to glitz out your fingers than prom night. Whether you get your nails done professionally or handle it yourself, make sure you go big, bright, and bold with the color and design.

    Bold Dress Colors

    As a matter of fact, make sure you go big, bright, and bold when you pick out your gown! Bright colors like red and turquoise have been making their mark on the Red Carpet lately, so of course they’ll be all over the dance floor, too. Take on a bright color palate and turn heads on your special night!

    Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration, and have a prom night you’ll never forget!