[Pin Board]: Hosting a Corporate Leadership Conference

    April 4, 2013

    Leadership conferences are not your average office meeting. They’re usually bigger, more detailed, and a real headache for the first-time planner. However, they’re also incredibly useful, not just for the hordes of attendees but as valuable experience for the blossoming event planner. So, to help ease you into the planning process, we've broken down some of the major components you’ll need to get your event in order:

    Space: Your average leadership conference will be much bigger than a simple company meeting or team-building day. They may include businessmen and women from several different companies, all looking to reap the benefits of the presentations, exercises or speakers you've brought on. So you need to make the space you book is open, spacious, and acoustically prefect for tons of attentive guests. Now, this doesn't mean you have to book something boring or cliché, either; there are plenty of unique event spaces at your disposal – and even some that are mighty affordable!

    Swag: You've heard the saying: dress to impress. This obviously applies to corporate conferences (especially ones purporting leadership), but it also applies to your event itself. Find some unique way to give your guest promotional material they’ll find quite useful. Hand out a notebook bearing the conference’s name – or the name of the company putting it on. Your guests can take notes throughout the conference, and even return to those notes in the future, always keeping your company fresh in their minds.

    Something to Do: Without team exercises, your conference will quickly dissolve into a snorefest. Thankfully, there are tons of revolutionary team building ideas out there for you to employ for your event! Just make sure your venue has plenty of space for breaking into small groups or for team building outdoors – the more variety you bring, the more interesting (and memorable) your conference will be.

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