[Pin Board]: Cinco De Mayo Celebration

    April 29, 2013

    The fifth of May is a day reserved in the US for celebrating Mexican heritage and pride. It’s also – let’s be real – a holiday most adults consider more fun than any others. So when a fun-loving couple wants to plan a memorable, wild wedding, Cinco De Mayo is a perfect date! But just how does one throw a Cinco De Mayo wedding? Well, we’ve compiled some inspiring images for you below, but here are a few things to start mulling over for any Cinco de Mayo celebration:

    The Menu: A Cinco De Mayo celebration absolutely must feature delicious Mexican dishes. If you’re not especially talented in the kitchen, or if you’re simply looking for the most authentic dishes you can get, this might be a good time to hire a caterer. Trust us, the menu deserves to be a significant portion of your budget for this sort of theme!

    The Music: Ask anyone – a party celebrating Mexican heritage has got to have great music. Bring in a mariachi band, or simply get a DJ who can mix some traditional music in with your favorite tunes to get the crowd dancing! To make it real easy, put together a playlist on iTunes or playlist. A party on Cinco De Mayo is bound to get crazy, so keep your guests grooving the night away and everyone will remember this party for ages! 

    The Colors: Oh, the colors. What would Cinco De Mayo be without the vibrant colors decorating every inch of the venue? One rule: bold is better. Get creative with colors combinations and bold splashes and accents throughout your ceremony and reception. It’ll really make the party come alive.

    Use this Pin Board as inspiration to throw a Cinco de Mayo celebration cocktail party or friendly get together with close friends.