[Pin Board]: An Office Party for St. Patrick’s Day

    March 14, 2013

    Of all the holidays to celebrate at the office, St Patrick’s Day is one we tend to leave out. This could be because most traditional American – or Irish celebrations involve alcoholic bevvies or it could be because green simply isn’t everyone’s color. However, I believe the reason we are missing out on the St. Patrick’s festivities is because no one’s quite sure how best to through an office party for the occasion. Well, we've compiled a few ideas for the occasion to help in creating your very own St. Patrick’s day office party!

    Space: March is a fairly nice month (at least here in California), so it might be a good time to try some outdoor venues. You can gather everyone together on the green, in his or her green, for a picnic or a riveting game of Mr. Fox.

    Décor: Obviously green will be a staple of your decorating scheme with a St. Patrick’s day party, but don’t forget to incorporate other fun colors, too! Gold, like the ever-elusive Leprechaun’s treasure, or even the rainbow, where legend says the gold is hidden, can make excellent accents for your green décor. Or even orange and white (the other two colors on the Irish flag) will complement your green decorations beautifully.

    Menu: This sort of fun, laid-back event is a great opportunity to get creative with the party food. Your small hors d’ouvres can be “Leprechaun Food,” the green theme gives you unique opportunities to incorporate certain vegetables or fruits, and the playful nature of the holiday will give you the freedom do just have fun with it!

    Have you got any big plans for the 17th this year? Share them with us in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter!