[Pin Board]: A Vivid Vineyard Wedding

    June 26, 2013

    There’s something inherently romantic about a vineyard. The greenery, the grapes, the wine; it's the perfect combination for a wedding.  But just how do you make your vineyard wedding stand out? How do you capture the lovely spirit you saw in romantic movies like Letters to Juliet or A Walk in the Clouds?

    Don’t worry, you don’t have to set any vineyards on fire. Creating an elegant and memorable wedding in a vineyard is easy to do. Just work with what you’ve got! After all, you’ve already picked out an amazing, spacious venue, so half the battle is already won. If you want a few other ideas, go ahead and follow our simple guidelines below!

    Mute Your Color Palette: As we’ve said, having a wedding in a vineyard means that most of the décor and ambience is already handled for you. So keep your color palette simple to play up the natural surrounding beauty, that way everyone will focus their attention on the happy couple. Pastels are great choices for decorations and fashion and are always a festive look in the spring and summer!

    Incorporate Nature: If you’re going to get married in a fabulous vineyard, surrounded by green hills and vines, why not make them a part of your special ceremony? Cute touches of green in your ceremony space and reception are a great way to really integrate that outside setting and highlight the venue. Also, green elements are sure to bring a fresh, natural air to the wedding’s overall theme.

    Get the Spirits Flowing: Let’s get real, here: if there’s one thing you can’t have a vineyard wedding without, it’s some great wine. Find out if your venue will provide some bottles of their home grown libations at a discounted rate, and make sure everyone (who is old enough, that is) has a choice of either red or white. This will not only make your reception a more jovial experience, it will make sure that the wedding space you so enjoyed sticks in your guests’ memory.

    Go For a Rustic Vibe: Some vineyards have been around for a very long time, which means they’ve got a lot of historical architecture on their grounds. This is a great opportunity for you to indulge your rustic side, and create a chic, old-fashioned vibe for your wedding. Seek out some vintage wedding attire and a few heirloom lighting pieces for a classic, old school feel.



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