[Pin Board] A Taste of D.C.: Venue Style!

    January 22, 2013

    Just in case you haven’t heard our big news, let me clue you in: Eventup is coming to Washington, D.C.! That’s right, we’ve got a whole new crop of venues available for your looking and booking pleasure on our website, each one a unique space that just might be the party place you’ve been searching for. D.C. is a fascinating city, full of history and culture, which makes it a great place to host a conference, wedding, or corporate event! Don’t believe me? Well, take a look at these beautiful venues, currently available for booking via good-ol’ Eventup!

    Tabula Rasa: What is Tabula Rasa, you ask? It’s a no-nonsense conference room, a chic, modern space for a high-profile party, a wild scene for a photo shoot. In fact, it is all those things and more; according to the owners, Tabula Rasa is “a unique and sustainably-designed ‘blank-slate’ that can be tailored to support a variety of corporate and social events.” This venue can be literally anything you need, which certainly makes it one thing – ideal!

    SiTea, Enchanted Teas and Treats: For those events that require just a touch of enchantment, SiTea is the absolute perfect place. This café sports colorful, exotic décor that creates an elegant atmosphere that your guests will love. The venue even offers catering services, so you can keep your theme consistent right down to the dishes (and eliminate the stress of finding another caterer)! With a capacity of fifty people, your intimate events will feel homey and warm in the comfort of SiTea.

    Echostage Event Center: Now you may be thinking, “Great, my 50-100-person parties are covered. But what about the big events? Like, the really big ones?” Well, Washington’s got you covered there, too! Consider the Echostage, a 2000-person concert venue that can be yours when you book with us! This venue is DC’s largest nightlife concert venue, and it comes fully equipped with top tier sound design, advanced LED visual displays and unobstructed sight lines throughout the place. With spectacular digs like this, your party is sure to be a sensation!


    Don’t forget to visit Eventup’s Pinterest page for more excellent venues out of our nation’s capital!