[Pin Board]: A Stars-&-Stripes Wedding Celebration

    June 19, 2013

    The 4th of July is a very special holiday and not just because the weather is great, the kids are out of school, and the parties are endless. No, the 4th signifies our independence as a nation – the start of a whole new adventure on which the colonists bravely embarked.

    “New adventure?” Doesn’t that sound like marriage to you?

    Having a July 4th-themed wedding is great for people who want to celebrate new adventures or couples with one or both partners in the military, or for people who just want to keep the 4th festivities going just a little longer! And thankfully for everyone, pulling off this theme is easy to do and a crowd pleasing aesthetic! Here are a few sources for inspiration.

    Make Those Colors Bright:  You might be thinking the color scheme for your wedding will be painfully obvious (we all sang the “Red, White, and Blue” song in elementary school), but it is important to find a fresh and lively way to use those famous colors. Incorporate stars, stripes, and reds and blues into your wedding décor in unique ways. You’ll find your something blue without even breaking a sweat! Draw inspiration from something as revered as the flag and get creative. Just don’t’ let the flag touch the ground!

    Look To The Past: The 4th, for all it’s partying, is also a day of remembering the nation’s infancy. So why not look to the venues of the past for a historical, rustic event space? Hosting your wedding at a unique business or residence with a lot of history gives an element of drama to your overall look, adding to the unique experience. A beautiful, old-fashioned home will bring your wedding to the next level not to mention look great with your cute, patriotic décor. And who knows? The unique, historical space could be a great conversation piece for guests, making first meetings at the reception table as natural as if they were old friends.

    Find Some Great Entertainment: Every wedding needs great entertainment. Music and dancing are always a treat, but in the spirit of the patriotic theme, why not top the evening off with a fireworks show? If you did go for the splendor of fireworks, there are some important things to note. Firstly, make sure you are getting married in a state where recreational use of fireworks is legal. Secondly, make sure you have a professional on hand who can safely set off the fireworks. You don’t want any groomsmen singeing off their eyebrows! And thirdly, make sure you’ve got a safe place for your guests to get a clear view of the show! Get onto the roof (if it’s accessible at your venue) and enjoy the majestic light show with the one you love.



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