[Pin Board:] A Red Carpet Event

    February 12, 2013

    February is a big time for the entertainment industry. Barely after wrapping up the Golden Globes and SAG awards, it’s time for two of the biggest award shows in the world of music and film: The Oscars and GRAMMYs. This is also a big time for the party animal in all of us – after all, we’ve got a perfect reason to get dressed to the nines and celebrate along with our favorite stars! Here are a few tips to get you started on an amazing red carpet event of our own:

    Dramatic Décor: The Dolby Theatre (Formerly the Kodak Theatre) is a venue literally created for the Oscars. It is simply dripping with class, beauty, and the high drama that we’ve all come to associate with the silver screen. To emulate this in your own celebration, you might want to consider renting a venue for the party. Or, if you do plan to celebrate at home, make sure your decorations are reminiscent of all the glamour Hollywood is known for – use a bold color scheme, and make sure you have a red carpet at the enterance!

    Sophisticated Snacks: Oscar or GRAMMY parties are not necessarily the place for a full meal; you’ll be too busy rocking out to the live performances, or disputing who should have won. Stick to light snacks and champagne, and keep them theme appropriate. If you’re feeling really creative (and if the nominated films or albums lend themselves to it) you could even create a menu inspired by the evening’s award contenders!

    Glamorous Gowns: Funnily enough, most of us watching these award shows aren’t concerned with who wins. Truth is, we’re there for the fashion. So why not have a little fashion show of your own? Make this event a formal one, and watch your friends get all dolled up like the real stars! It’ll be a blast for everyone!



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