[Pin Board]: A Peacock-Themed Wedding

    June 12, 2013

    Peacocks are known for their strikingly beautiful plumage in blue, green, and gold. Peacocks are also a symbol of eternity and renewal going back as early as ancient times. This is why it’s hardly a surprise to see that peacocks take a prominent role in many wedding themes. But how do you make a peacock wedding that stands out from the others?

    Be Bold: Ever heard the expression “proud as a peacock?” Well, that’s more than just talk; the birds display their beautiful tales as a way to attract potential mates. As you and your soul mate celebrate your love for each other, don’t be afraid to go big. Bright colors and elaborate decorations are fair game here!

    Use Color: Color schemes for weddings are always a hot button issue, but sometimes the fear of clashing can be absolutely terrifying. Take a tip from your feathered friends, and embrace bright color for your peacock-inspired celebration. Their tails alone give you so much to work with!

    Take it Outside: A peacock-inspired wedding is just the sort of ceremony that belongs outdoors. Strut your stuff and bask in the sunshine just like your muse! Against the earthy backdrop of an outside wedding location, your peacock colors will pop!

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