[Pin Board]: A Corporate Retreat in Malibu

    January 15, 2013

    A corporate retreat is a great way to get employees reenergized and refocused on work. It also provides ample opportunity for team bonding, through games, conversation, and simply spending time together in a relaxed setting. But what sort of planning goes into a great corporate retreat? With Eventup in your corner, next to none! Not only do we have tons of great ideas accessible on our blog, we’ve taken the liberty of creating a Pinterest board that you can use as a jumping off point!

    This week’s board takes you to the beautiful beach town of Malibu, where the ocean waves and fresh white sand can inspire your team while they relax in a glamorous, modern beach house! It’s time to break out the polo shirts and flip flops, because this is the casual retreat you’ve always hoped for! Check out our ideas here, and be on the look out for more Eventup Pinterest boards every week!