New Trend: Chandeliers at Your Next Event

    June 25, 2015

    Chandeliers are making a comeback this year. No longer confined to the dining room, an addition of chandeliers to your event space is a sure-fire way to add dazzle to the room. From more traditional types to chandeliers made out of pearls, flowers or crystals – you can find a place for one in the bathrooms, at the bar, or anywhere that currently looks a little dull. In fact, contemporary chandeliers are a great way to balance between that traditional and modern look, as well as being very on trend in the current marketplace. They can also serve as a hanging wedding center piece. 

    Mini-chandeliers for small spaces are also a big trend right now – for a limited space such as a studio, you can still find a way to add some luxury to a largely pragmatic space. And let’s not forget LED lighting – an eco-friendly rage that is becoming ever more popular. Maybe find a way to get those LED lights into your chandelier, and be way ahead of the lighting curve, while keeping your footprint green and healthy.