Make Sure Your Next Meeting is Efficient

    March 31, 2015

    The right people need to present along with a clear topic. There should also be an agenda sent to the attendees in advance. During the meeting someone should keep track of the action items and send them to the appropriate people as soon as the meeting adjourns.

    When was the last time you attended a meeting this efficient? Located below are the top reasons why meetings rarely meet the planned end result. Stray away these mentalities.

    1. Meetings allow people to delay decisions
    2. Most people who are in meetings don’t need to be there
    3. People call meetings because they’re afraid to make a decision
    4. Many people who call a meeting don’t have a clear agenda or objective
    5. People call 30-minute meetings for things that can be decided in five minutes
    6. Most meetings cost too much by wasting people’s time