#Hashtagged: Using Social Media at Your Event

    August 26, 2014

    Social media is a huge tool in this day and age. Businesses use Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and more to maintain their brand image, create promotions, and gain customer interactions. Social media is a personal tool as well, making it easy for friends to share photos, stay in touch, and stalk old flames. Using social media at your event gives your guests the chance to click a #hashtag and look through photos and create memories about your event that will make your event last a bit longer.


    When creating the #hashtag for your event make sure it is something relevant, but also something that is not used very often. For example if you are having a wedding, the event hashtag #wedding is very popular and all the photos may not be from your event, try using something like #timandjanegethitched or #tjwedding. For a more professional event use a hashtag that reflects your business well, but is also memorable.


    Below you'll find a few ideas on how to sort of advertise your hashtag into the event itself so that your guests know to use it!


    Put it on your Place Cards
    Make Hashtag Wristbands


    Write it on a Button!


    Put it on a Napkin!


    Put it on a Chalkboard!


    Now that you have your event #hashtag goodies, find the perfect venue to host your amazing party on EVENTup!


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    Photo Credits: Colin Cowie Weddings, Pinterest, Etsy, BIz Bash, Mas+Millie