Halloween Parties: Find Your Event Location

    October 3, 2013

    Determining the location of an event is always a crucial factor in the planning process, especially for Halloween parties. Halloween parties are one of those rare events where there really are no limits as to how far you can take the theme. Check out some of these event spaces below for your next Halloween bash. From kid friendly parties to company events or private get-togethers, these venue spaces are sure to add that extra something to your Halloween parties!

    Hollywood Castle


    Photo Credit: Eventup





    Photo Credit: Eventup



    Perched atop the Hollywood Hills, this Hollywood Castle is the dream venue space for your next Halloween bash. With beautiful views of the LA skyline, a heated pool and jacuzzi, the Hollywood Castle offers the perfect setting for a haunted night. The antique castle facade combined with modern amenities builds the perfect backdrop for your larger scale Halloween party. Imagine, a night reminiscent of the Addams Family or Dracula! Fill the castle up with servers dressed as vampires or decorate the space with large drapes of deep reds and blacks. This is the perfect blank canvas for a Halloween party.



    The Liberty Theater



    The Liberty Theater is the perfect venue to have a haunting yet romantic night at the theater as a part of your Halloween bash. With original theater boxes, moldings and sweeping balconies, having your Halloween bash at the theater is definitely a unique spin and a fresh take on your typical Halloween fright fests. Don't be afraid to throw in an opera ghost or two to catch some of your guests off guard!



    The Scottish Rite and Library Museum



    Photo Credit: Eventup



    The Scottish Rite Library & Museum is a wonderful combination of elegance and old charm, creating a romantic yet slightly chilling backdrop for your Halloween party. Host a Murder Mystery Party and help your guests bring out their inner Sherlock Holmes! Check out this quick and simple how-to for planning Murder Mystery Parties.



    Metal Warehouse





    Photo Credit: Eventup



    Bring your own favorite slasher movie to life by hosting a event for all the thrill seekers out there at this Metal Warehouse. Invite the classics like Jason, Freddy, and Chuckie and have a truly frightening Halloween night with your guests. Use the warehouse tables and metal pieces themselves as areas for beverages or open bars and create different, horror-themed areas of the event space by using the the odd ends in the Metal Warehouse. Another great blank canvas for any kind of Halloween party.



    All photos were courtesy of our venues via Eventup.



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