Great Ideas for Celebrating Christmas in the Office

    December 11, 2012

    The holidays are right around the corner which means you'll probably be getting in the spirit everywhere -- including the office! So, how do you celebrate the holidays in the office? Do you have to set up your Christmas tree and sing about reindeers and elves with co-workers? No, you don't... and for your own sake, please don't! Here are some of our great ideas for celebrating Christmas in the office: follow them, and you'll be in for a great time.

    Where and when? Decide if you are going to hold your corporate Christmas party during office hours or after (on the weekend). You can still incorporate all of our fun party ideas into a lunch party, but you shouldn't go overboard. If you're thinking about a nighttime or weekend party, consider inviting the families of your co-workers and holding it at a great indoor venue! Decorate your venue into a winter wonderland, and get ready for a fabulous party. If you have room in your budget, hire a party planner to help you out.

    Theme. Serve Christmas cocktails and holiday treats to get everyone at your party in the spirit. You can even tell your co-workers that it's a themed party and they have to come in an ugly Christmas sweater! It will be a jolly good time, and hey -- that's what Christmas is all about!

    Entertainment. Hire a live band, a DJ, or if you're really ambitious, a group of Christmas carolers! Christmas music should be playing at your holiday party: who doesn't love to sing along to "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?"


    Plan a "Secret Santa." You're probably familiar with this popular Christmas gift exchange. In case you're not, we've got all of the details. Have everyone in the office pick a name of one of their co-workers out of a hat: this is who they will be buying gifts for. Each person should start giving hints to whoever they pick about a week before the party... but they need to keep it a secret! Secretly sending small gifts and notes with clues is a great way to get the anticipation rolling in the office for what's to come at the Christmas party. Then, at the actual event, everyone should reveal who they chose by giving them their final gift! Have a spending limit: don't let anyone go overboard and buy gifts that are too extreme. $15-$20 is perfect for a corporate Secret Santa activity.

    Try "White Elephant." Your co-workers and office friends will have a great time if you decide to organize a white elephant gift exchange. Start by creating a spending limit, and tell each of your co-workers to pick up and wrap a gift for the exchange. Once the party starts and it's time for the gift exchange, have everyone pick a number. In order, starting with number one, have each person choose and unwrap a gift from under the tree! If they don't want to unwrap one, they can steal from someone who has already taken one from under the tree -- but each gift can only be stolen 3 times before it's frozen to the person that owns it! It's hilarious to see how badly people want the gifts that they see... definitely try the white elephant activity out!


    If you follow these simple Christmas party ideas, celebrating Christmas in the office is sure to be a hit! But don't forget to tell us how it goes in a comment below or on Facebook/Twitter!