Exciting New Party Themes to Try in your Office in 2013

    January 8, 2013

    2013 is almost here, and with the new year, you should definitely have some new party themes! Aren't you sick of the typical black tie cocktail parties, all with similar themes and dresscodes? Why not try something new? Here are some exciting new party themes to try in your office in 2013!

    Las Vegas Casino Night. Since it might be difficult to get your whole company to Vegas for your corporate event, bring Vegas to the party! Decorate your event venue like a Las Vegas Casino with blackjack tables, slot machines, and lots of poker chips! While some may think that this is a "typical" party theme, it's rare that many people go all out with it.. so try it at your next party and give your co-workers a chance to win some money and have fun with their peers!

    PJ Party. Before you shake your head and shun this idea, hear us out! A corporate pajama party is great for smaller companies or small guest lists. Tell everyone to arrive in their coziest and most fun pajamas, and serve desserts and comfort foods! Try to get a live band or acoustic artist to perform at your party, and your co-workers will be in for a real treat!


    Ugly Tie Party. Most of us are familiar with the common "Ugly Christmas Sweater Party," but what some don't know is that this theme can be used for parties all throughout the year! Tell your male guests to dig through their closet and find their ugliest tie, and think of a clothing article that the women can look for too! (Hats, shoes/heels, and blouses are all great for women.) It will make their wardrobe selections easier for the party; that's for sure!


    Around the World Party. Embrace the cultures of your co-workers and plan an international themed party. Serve foods from different countries for the appetizers, main course, and dessert! If you're really daring, you can turn this into a potluck and have everyone bring a dish from their own culture!

    Creative Costume Party. Costume parties aren't just for Halloween! Try to put a creative spin on your next costume party! Try a celebrity couple party, or a movie characters party. Your guests will have a great time trying to dress up as their favorite celebs!

    There are tons of different and unique themes that you should try in 2013. Try to stay away from the norm, and think outside the box! Whatever you do though, make sure to tell us! Leave a comment below, or on Facebook/Twitter!