EVENTup featured in USA TODAY - Hotels Upgrade Their Event Spaces

    January 21, 2015


    Hotels across the country are undergoing some major changes, particularly to their conference and event spaces.  They are recognizing that events are becoming more social, a fusion of work and play, and so they must adapt their event spaces to accommodate this shift. Gone are the days of conferences held in drab, boxy rooms for 10 hours at a time. Instead, hotels are adding natural light, artwork and other original elements that reflect their city, all to enhance event-goers' experience and allow them to perhaps forget they are even in a hotel at all!

    "There's definitely been a shift in style," EVENTup's CEO Jayna Cooke tells Nancy Trejos at USA TODAY. Meeting spaces are "wider, have taller ceilings, much more light and windows, and they're not stuck in basements and closed in."

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