Door Prize Ideas for Your Next Company Event

    January 3, 2013

    Door prizes are a great way to create excitement around your next company event. Company holiday parties, conventions, and other company meetings often promote door prizes as a way to increase attendance and reach potential new clients. Although the items you decide to use depend partly on your event location and budget, we've come up with a few door prize ideas for your next company event.

    Gift Certificates -- One of the easiest, yet best, door prizes is a simple gift certificate. By giving a gift certificate, you're letting the winner choose the type of "prize" they'd like. A popular example is a simple spa gift card. It basically says "go take a moment to yourself to relax!" and who doesn't like a good back rub or manicure?


    Vacation -- A vacation is a great gift idea that anyone can use. You can select the specific destination or get a gift certificate to a certain hotel or airline so that the recipient can choose exactly where they want to go. If you are trying to give away a full vacation including air, hotel, and even a cruise, then you will want to get a professional travel agent to help you organize the whole package. Essentially, you want to make sure all details are covered and the winner gets connected with a travel agent to book the vacation directly after your corporate event.

    Paid Time Off -- Time off is an extremely popular giveaway if your hosting a party for your employees. Determine how much time off you can give away that makes the most sense for your business. Employees can benefit from taking an extended vacation with family or a paid weekend off when the office or season is slow.

    Lifetime Supplies -- Consider partnering with another corporation to give away a lifetime supply of a certain common product. Be sure to tell people the estimated value of the giveaway so that attendees get a good sense of the magnitude of the lifetime giveaway prize.


    Everyday Prizes -- If you spent the bulk of your budget on your event venue or you simply can’t afford to give away thousands of dollars in door prizes, consider putting together goodie bags of everyday items. These items can include coffee mugs, flash drives, notepads, calendars, mouse pads, and more. Including your branding on these items is a great way to remind attendees about your company and what it has to offer.

    Seasonal Prizes -- What is the upcoming season? If you’re throwing your party in the spring, give away beach bags and portable grills. If you’re hosting your party in the fall, consider giving away crock pots or high-quality blankets. Basically if you choose prizes that correlate with the time of year, party attendees will connect your business with all the positive feelings that go along with the season.

    What different types of door prizes have you received in the past? Was there anything out of the ordinary that you simply could have done without? Or perhaps an item that you fell in love with? Let us know by leaving a comment below or sharing with us on Facebook, or Twitter.