DIY Halloween Decorations

    September 17, 2013

    With school bells starting to ring again, summer has officially come to an end and fall is right around the corner. One of the very first holidays that come to mind is of course, Halloween! Halloween is definitely one of those holidays where you can go all out with decorations. Whether it’s a Halloween party for kids or adults, there are so many fun and affordable DIY Halloween decorations to make sure your party stands out, all the while staying under budget. Start with a great event venue and throw in a few or all of the following ideas!


    Eyeballs & Punch


    What is a party without some punch? One of the best and simplest beverage choices for an event (and one of the easier DIY Halloween decorations) is punch. All you’ll need is a bowl, beverage of your choice, water, ice cube trays, and some plastic eyeballs which you can find on Amazon. Simply add the eyeballs and water into the tray and place the tray in the freezer until frozen. Remove the tray and add these creepy but fun ice cubes in your punch bowl to add a Halloween flare to your guest's drinks. Perfect for guests of all ages!

    Creepy Crawlers

    A simple and cost effective decoration tip is definitely these creepy little crawlers that you can pick up at any local dollar store. Use what you already have in the event space and add a splash of spookiness by placing these little guys throughout the party. Cover the office plants with them, place them on top of cupcakes, or simply spread them over your tables! These little plastic spiders (pictured above) are cheap and easy to clean and decorate with, so have fun with them and spread all over your haunted house.



    Ghosts & Ghouls


    Halloween is a time for witches and werewolves, but let’s not forget the classic ghosts and ghouls. A great excuse to reuse any leftover balloons from previous events is to turn them into glow in the dark ghost decorations for your Halloween bash. Take a few white balloons, add a glow stick inside each balloon before you inflate it, and ta-da! You have yourself a gaggle of ghosts and ghouls for your Halloween party! Use a sharpie to add a few haunting faces, stick to the walls of your party, and your guests will be treated to a very special and haunting night of Halloween fun!



    Have a safe and fun Halloween and let us know how these DIY Halloween decorations worked for you, or share your own DIY Halloween decorations with us below or on Facebook or Twitter!