DIY Christmas Party Decorations

    December 4, 2012

    Every year as Thanksgiving comes to a close, Americans bask in the electric glow of their beautiful, sparking Christmas lights. It signals that the holiday season is really in full bloom, and it makes us all feel just a little more cheery and bright. But while folks across the nation are feeling the love, their wallets are taking a heavy blow – Americans as a whole spent over $6 billion on Christmas decorations last year alone! But you can save some cash this year (or spend it on gifts for your loved ones) with these clever DIY decorations:

    Pretty Paper Flourishes: Beautiful Hanging decorations like these are sure to impress your friends, they’re a great way to spruce up any party venue, and you’ll be impressed at how easy they are to make! You can find border punches at your local arts and craft store. They typically come in a variety of designs, too, so you’ll be able to choose your favorite designs. Then cut some strips of colored paper (or white, if you’re going for the Winter Wonderland look) punch out some designs and staple or glue the strips into a festive shape. Voila! Simple and adorable decorations that will have any party guests singing your praises, and you barely had to lift a finger.




    Updated Advent Calendars: There’s a real market for Advent Calendars these days – especially the ones with candies or other treats inside. Every little child (and the child in all us grown ups) can’t wait for Christmas to arrive, and these nifty calendars make the wait a little sweeter. But why shell out cash for a store-bought one when you can make one yourself in no time at all? This Advent Ladder is a great way to show how excited you are for the holiday, even at an outdoor holiday party – if you can stand the cold, anyway! Simply take a ladder (from your garage or, if you’re looking for a more rustic look, from a craft or hobby store) and paint it a festive color. Then, string twine or string along each rung. Finally, use clothespins to attach numbered envelopes or pouches for each day leading up to Christmas. And don’t forget to fill them with candy!

    Everyday Ornaments: Hallmark starts filling their shelves with Christmas decorations as early as July, but you don’t need to fill your tree with miniature Santa sculptures and Disney characters quite yet. Something as simple as spray-painted pinecones can make a bold statement, and you can pick them up in your own backyard! As for other décor, why not make use of what you already have? Create a wreath-shaped collage of photos on one wall, bringing your loved ones into your holiday in a whole new way!  

    Season’s Greetings: If you’re throwing a holiday event for many people or just close friends and you’re looking for an inexpensive, unique centerpiece, this idea is perfect for you! Pick up plastic chargers from a party supply store, and grab a chalk pen while you’re at it! Then place one plate on each table with a fun holiday greeting written in the center- easy, fun, and certainly a conversation starter!

    Any creative decorating ideas you’ve come to embrace this holiday season? Let us know what you're doing to decorate your event venue in the comments below, or visit our Facebook and Twitter pages to share your stories!