Corporate Event Trends

    May 9, 2017

    Every CEO has been to their fair share of corporate events. EVENTup CEO Jayna Cooke sat down with us and talked some of her favorite trends. Check them out below:

    Edison Lighting

    Edison lighting is all the rage in events these days. Stringing them above a table at a wedding, lighting the halls with vintage light bulbs, it creates a very vintage yet clean look. At a corporate event, using these industrial touches gives a refined corporate look while also keeping it on trend.


    Sushi Making Station

    Interactive activities are a must for a corporate event. Whether it’s some sort of game, a cocktail making class, etc. Nothing engages guests and gives them an amazing experience quite like getting them involved. Jayna told us that the most memorable corporate event she ever attended, had a sushi making station that will forever be her favorite. Guests made their own rolls with the help of a professional and everyone got to taste their creations after.


    Statement Wall

    Everyone knows that the best events have a photo opp. One of Jayna’s favorite ways to incorporate this is with a statement wall. Whether it’s a wall of succulents, a flower wall, a wall made of sprinkles, guests love taking photos in front of it and if you have your branding all over it, it gives you some extra press in the meantime. Win win situation.


    Branded Photo Booth

    This one is an easy one, but never gets old. Adding a photo booth with branded instant printed strips or background helps not only give your guests something to remember your brand by for years to come, but also gives you digital copies so you can promote your event the next year and keep attendees checking your page for the pictures to be shared. It’s an all around great idea to have one of these at your corporate event if you have it in the budget.