Create the Perfect Corporate Event Invite

    September 13, 2016

    Now that you found your corporate event venue on EVENTup, the other pieces need to fall into place. The next step? The invitations. Whether you’re holding an annual event or a company retreat, it’s important to make your invitation one for the books. Learn from these tips on how to make an invitation that no guest will deny!

    Keep it Simple.

    Photo from Eden Creative Studio

    When it comes to invitations, you want to make sure you keep it simple. It’s important that the event details are easily legible and straight to the point--and definitely make sure you don’t forget the RSVP information!

    Think Outside The Box

    Photo from: Lace Up, Soho

    While simple is important, some events call for a different look. Think of a creative way to engage your guests before the event even begins. Remember, an invitation is the first tone setter for your event. So make sure it’s reflective of what you plan to host.

    Budget Friendly

    Photo from Tiny Prints Business

    Making an awesome invitation doesn’t have to come with a hefty price. Sites like Tiny Prints offer easy templates to create your invitation masterpiece. Best part? You get high quality invitations for a much cheaper price.

    Keep the Brand in Mind

    Photo from Casi Long Design

    Make it personal. Make sure your invitation ties back to the core of your company or organization. Incorporate the colors and themes of your company or organization in the invitation. This will make guests feel like they are a part of something important.

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