Cocktail Party Trends 2013

    April 15, 2013

    Cocktail parties are always evolving and new trends tend to pop up. Whether you are having your cocktail party at home or at an event venue, it is important to keep up with the trends and plan accordingly! Here are some cocktail party trends so far in 2013:

    Cocktail Party Drink Trends:

    The daiquiri is starting to pop up a lot more lately and in particular, right now, since the weather is warming up. Mojitos are also extremely popular, especially during the spring and summer. Additionally, since mixologists are becoming more and more predominant, extremely fancy cocktails that are tailored to each guest are making their way in to cocktail parties. Check to see if your event venue has specific bartenders or mixologists and if not, hire one for the party. With the ability to hire a mixologist for your cocktail party, your guests will be able to experience drinks they never have before!

    Cocktail Party Food Trends:

    With more and more health conscious foods and all natural diets on the rise, try to spice up some veggies and make them into delicious finger foods. For example, cauliflower poppers are the perfect balance of healthy and tasty. Another crowd favorite is artichoke dip. Let's also not forget that you can never go wrong with a fruit and cheese platter.

    Cocktail Party Themes:

    People love themes and you really cannot deny it. Themes are perfect for decorating, dressing up, and even making a playlist. With summer around the corner, the theme chooses itself and you can have an event location that is outside. Other popular themes right now are "A Day at the Races," which is perfect for the nice weather and it is something new and original. Another popular theme right now has to do with going green. Now more than ever are people concerned about the environment and going green, so this theme would fit in perfectly. By using only organic food from farmers markets and perhaps serving locally brewed beer, you will definitely have a party unlike any other!

     Cocktail Party Decoration Trends:

    If you are planning on hosting your event at home, you can get very creative when it comes to decorations. This year, homemade decorations are definitely the way to go and the rustic look is very in. If you are having an outdoor, springtime cocktail party, you may want to add a rustic-picnic edge with mason jar vases on tables and wine crates to prop up appetizers.


    Have you thrown a cocktail party this year? What are some trends that you noticed? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.