A Few Corporate Dinner Ideas

    December 20, 2012

    Planning a corporate dinner requires finesse. It needs to be carefully branded without being overwhelming. It has to bring personalities from a vast array of business life together and give them a common ground of entertainment. The event space should be meticulously and admirably decorated at an affordable budget. It has to be memorable for everyone, meaning utilizing a variety of activities that will appeal to many tastes. The next morning you want everyone talking about not just the dinner, but your brand.

    Ideas for corporate dinners are plentiful. It’s the execution that’s critical. Make sure you find the perfect party venue for your dinner.



    Of course, finding a venue is only the beginning. There’s still the need to prepare and execute an evening that has to be memorable, sophisticated and fun. To get started, here are a few thoughts to consider for your corporate dinner ideas.

    There’s most likely a reason for the corporate event. Perhaps the business is promoting a new product or service, announcing and celebrating a merger or accomplishment, or it’s time to give out awards to show employee appreciation. Maybe it’s the seasonal, highly anticipated Christmas party. Find a way to link that theme to the dinner in a fun way. Don’t overdo it though. We want our guests to be aware without being overwhelmed.

    The options are actually endless. If launching a new video game, a night of arcade and video games would be a great idea. You could even rent a unique venue and set up video and arcade games for employees. Take your guests to a faux Strip for one night with a Las Vegas theme filled with lights, games and music. The catering, the waiters, the lights can all be designed around your theme, whether it’s Christmas Wonderland or a salute to musicals. Whatever the theme, it can be sophisticated and elegant, as well as spontaneous and enjoyable.



    Games are a fantastic way to let your guests have fun and interact. A series of casino games would be ideal. Set up some blackjack and poker tables, a roulette wheel and some craps around the event venue. Keep in mind gambling can generate some stress, so keep it light and entertaining. Everyone can gamble with chips given to them at the beginning of the evening. Winners receive set prizes at the end of the night based on their winnings.


    Video games have become a great way to get even strangers to intermingle. There are services that specialize in video game events that can arrange everything. The best consoles, the best group games and specific video games that will be set up throughout the party venue.


    Karaoke is another activity that tends to play well with groups. Karaoke bars and karaoke nights are extremely popular entertainment all over the world. Set up the latest state-of-the-art equipment and watch the balladeers rush the stage to belt Don’t Stop Believin’.

    It will be a critical part of the evening. A musician, a band or dj should definitely perform. Whichever option you choose, keep it lively and inspire dancing as there’s no better way to create a good time. Your theme may inspire the type of music and performer you decide on.

    Live entertainment is the one addition to a corporate event that will really make it stand out for a long time. There are a wide variety of acts to choose from and definitely something that will fall in line with your event budget. It won’t matter if it’s a magic act, a cover band, or even a treasured R&B group from another era to bring back memories. Your guests will never forget the show that was sponsored by your company.



    What else have you done at your corporate dinner? We want to hear your ideas and what your co-workers enjoyed? Leave us a comment below or let us know on Facebook or Twitter!